How to Lighten Your Skin with the Use of Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is known for its help of effectively lightening the skin. However, there are some people who have undesirable chemical reaction with Lemon juice. If you are one of these people who can safely apply lemon juice onto your skin, then it is already your chance to lighten your skin for less.

The essence of lemon juice has already been proven in turning dark skin into lighter skin. If you want to know how you are going to apply this without hassle, here are the following ways for you to follow:

  • Spray the Lemon juice on your skin – in spraying the lemon juice in your skin, you should look for spray bottle that is clean. Put the lemon juice inside it and spray it on your skin carefully.
  • You may also another way of applying lemon juice in to your skin and it is by rubbing it into you entire body skin. It will not just clean your body but it wills surely lighten skin after weeks or months of using it.
  • Use it as an exfoliant, wash or mask – you can be able to have your own facial wash with the use of lemon juice and as exfoliant and a facial mask. It will surely help in making your skin moisturized and lighter.
  • Use cotton ball for applying it into your face and be able to wash it with water after leaving it into your skin form ten to thirty minutes.
  • You can also create your own lemon lotion. You just have to combine all of the ingredients which are the two parts of lemon juice, three parts of the glycerine and one part of the light rum. In combining all of these ingredients, you may use spoon or wooden spoon. Be able to apply it or rub it closely.

All of these ways are very helpful in attaining lighter skin. Both then there are things that you are supposed to remember in using lemon juice for the purpose of lightening skin. You should understand that using Lemon juice requires your patience for waiting onto the result of your dedication in applying lemon juice in to your skin. You should also remind yourself to avoid direct sunlight exposure so that your skin will not be damaged by the sun. If you will be exposed in to sunlight, the lesser chance of achieving lighter skin. Three to four application of lemon mask is advised so that it will not be drying your skin too much. And lastly, be careful one the products that you are using in your skin aside from the lemon juice to become assured of not having any bad result.

There is nothing wrong in aiming for a lighter skin. You just have to be very careful with your decision in looking for the product that will help in lightening your skin. And do not forget that there are so many things that you can do on how to lighten your skin with the help of lemon juice.